From the Wikipedia article on Cumorah:

The hill named Cumorah in Manchester, New York(coordinates: 43.0062°N 77.224°W) is where Smith claimed he discovered the golden plates which contained the writings of the Book of Mormon. Smith wrote: “On the west side of this hill, not far from the top, under a stone of considerable size, lay the plates, deposited in a stone box.”[17]

Smith visited the hill each year on September 22 between 1823 and 1827 and claimed he was instructed by a “holy messenger”, whom Smith identified as the Angel Moroni.[17] Smith was finally allowed to take the record on September 22, 1827.[17] Eleven other men gave written testimony that they had also seen the plates and held them in their hands.[18]

As Depicted in Book of Mormon AR

The golden plates and Urim and Thummim were placed side-by-side in the 3D model. Oliver Cowdery is quoted as saying: “From the bottom of the box, or from the breastplate, arose three small pillars, composed of the same description of cement used on the edges; and upon these three pillars were placed the records.” In Joseph Smith’s 1838 account in “History of the Church”, these pillars aren’t mentioned.